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 Connections Program
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
 Freedom Course
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
 Life Design
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
 Masters Course
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
Our Connections Program is a single curriculum offered in three stages. All parts are comprised of entertaining educational experiences that liberates people from their own self-built limitations and empowers them to live the life they love with passion and vitality.

Phase I of The Great Life Process* is where you reconnect with your deeper yearnings, become fully engaged with what matters, gain awareness of your survival strategies, let go of limiting beliefs, connect authentically with yourself and others and experience true joy in life. In just four days, this course is designed for people who are ready, willing and up to the challenge of creating the life of their dreams with everlasting fulfillment. It is a unique opportunity to consciously grow as a human being and expand into a new vision and capabilities for yourself. [more]

Phase II of The Great Life Process* starting with a new found freedom to experience authentic self-expression. You elevate to a whole new level of consciousness, connect your heart and head for greater clarity, experience radiance and personal power and enter the realm of self-love and gain access to intimacy. The crowning achievement is a breakthrough in creativity and passion resulting in a re-purposed life and dedicated path with certainty and confidence. Simply, Life Design goes deep to the core of your inner self where you begin to shift and sculpt your authentic way of being leading to unprecedented power and results. [more]

Phase III of The Great Life Process* is a 10-week commitment to unleash your success by achieving extraordinary results in several critical domains that make you a more integrated and complete life warrior. Rigorously selected participants get to put their visions into action with the support of a mentor and coach to ensure results. The signature characteristic of the program is service and collaboration with yourself and teammates championing to achieve your highest capability. "Reasons or results" coaching is at the center of the team resolution that "Failure is not an option!". Participants are unwavering in their commitment to cause miracles and make a difference for all concerned. [more]

* The Great Life Process (GLP) is a distinct 7-step path to Personal and Business Success. Only SPECTRUM has this unique growth system that continues from beginning to end, starting with the Freedom Course, through Life Design and the end of Velocity. It is a detailed road map to navigate your way to your ultimate personal potential and amazing new business results. MLP is an experience-based system of concepts and practices, intended to eliminate “mind traps” and limitation, thus allowing you to function with more freedom and impact. Blueprints in sexuality, money, power, love, spirituality and creativity are identified and altered in order to change your future and design the life you love.

This technique is a shift from drawn-out, generalized and unfocused personal growth to only specific modules critical to profound transformation. This cross-cultural approach to Personal Growth and Enlightened Leadership is derived from an eclectic blend of teachings from Wright Leadership, Inc., Abraham Maslow’s Need Hierarchy, and Accelerated Learning techniques. It is the most integrated, practical and effective transformational model in the marketplace.

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