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 Connections Program
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
 Freedom Course
Unleash the power within you.[more]
 Life Design
Create the better you.[more]
Achieve your goals.[more]
 Masters Course
Connect to the universal aspects of the human experience.[more]


To “Wake Up to What You Make Up”™ is the pathway to Freedom and personal power. When you realize that you are assigning meaning to the events and circumstances of life you have the ability to erase the impact of self-limiting beliefs, let go of the self-built prison walls that restrict you, and control the causes of separation and fear. You set yourself free, and recover your sense of belonging and unconditional love. You can then embrace authentic ”Compassion” for yourself and others where the ultimate result is a new life with self-acceptance, Inner peace, aliveness, joy, high performance, and brilliant new insights on how to “Live Together” . The Freedom Course is not a guarantee but is a possibility, for one and all.















By fully participating in this course you will (for starters):
    • Let go of the weighted past to create a vibrant future.
    • Get the secrets to deeper inner strength and growing confidence.
    • Discover new powers of choice and the ability to create with no evidence from the past
    • Use the power of intention to manifest
    • Create a new blueprint for your life success.
    • Find clear life direction
    • Get lifelong tools that you use to generate great relationships and build new businesses.
Connections Part 1 - Freedom $500.00 $450.00 with a minimum deposit of $150.00
The hours of The Freedom Course are as follows – Please note that all ending times are approximate:
  August 24th 2017   Registration:   5:30pm – 6:30pm
      Course:   6:30pm – approx. midnight
  August 25th 2017   Course:   6:30pm – approx. midnight
  August 26th 2017   Course:   11:00am – approx. midnight
  August 27th 2017   Course:   11:00am – 7:30pm
      Celebration:   7:30pm begins
Los Angeles,CA
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