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 Connections Program
Achieve the success you desire by investing in yourself.. [more]
 Freedom Course
Unleash the power within you.[more]
 Life Design
Create the better you. [more]
Achieve your goals. [more]
 Masters Course
Connect to the universal aspects of the human experience.[more]


Living the greatest expression of YOU may be the highest form of honor. Honoring the greatness in another person might be the highest form of relationship. The Life Design Course forges the expression of the authentic self, one to the other, in an impeccable atmosphere of poetic and intense interpersonal commitment. Partnerships and Small Group activities encourage openness and the access to intimacy, where giving and receiving love freely while maintaining your own integrity is possible as a way of life. The ultimate outcome is a pure heart to heart ”Connection” that is electrifying. It alters the way people live in all relationships from that point forward. Learning to ”Love Together” in this way is the magic for a rich and high quality life. Through Life Design, you get to redesign the landscape from which the rest of your life profoundly emerges. >READ MORE


The Life Design Course is an dynamic interpersonal experience, based in love and support, where you let go of baggage and traps from the past and step into your soulful center, where you are empowered to cause the miraculous. You will definitely have the opportunity to:

•  Shatter any roadblocks on your way creating a lasting and fulfilling life.
•  Learn the power of authentic self-expression.
•  Identify your strengths and tap into your personal power like never before.
•  Sculpt a clear definition of your fulfilling purpose in life.
•  Have the courage to take action despite fear, doubt and worry.

January 25-28, 2018

Tuition: $1,000.00

with a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $300.00

January 25, 2018 Registration: 10:00am– 10:30am
Course: 11:00am – approx. midnight

January 26, 2018 Course: 11:00am – approx. midnight

January 27, 2018 Course: 11:00am – approx. midnight

January 28, 2018 Course: 11:00am – 7:30pm
Celebration: 7:30pm begins



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