About Spectrum Life Design Education Los Angeles

Spectrum Life Design Education Los Angeles is an educational training company that integrates personal and professional growth technologies for connecting you with your purpose, living your dreams, building your relationships, and developing your leadership ability.

Our trainings and courses are intended for you to discover and redesign the core beliefs that generate and build upon the life you want to live. In our trainings and courses, you are provided practical tools that raise your level of awareness, re-engage with your real yearnings, connect with yourself and others on a deeper level and, in the process, maximize your potential and dreams.

Spectrum leaders have an impeccable track record in the domain of transformation. Our trainers have over 60 years of experience in design, development, and delivery of educational seminars for tens of thousands of people worldwide. We’ve created a program with the focus, practicality, fun and style demanded by today’s customers, based on years of practical application and research in this work. We passionately stand for Leadership and Service, which we believe are powered by and thrive in a context of freedom, partnership, and integrity.

About Us

Kristen Bowers – Owner and CEO

As Owner and CEO of Spectrum Life Design Los Angeles, Kristen Bowers is dedicated to the lives of the people who come through Spectrum trainings, and is passionate about empowering others to be their authentic selves, supporting people in being connected, passionate, powerful, and courageous, and is committed to being an amazing Mom to her daughter. Her vision for the world is that we “get” that we are all connected and want all the same things – to be loved, to be seen and heard, and to feel we have a true purpose.

Kristen has just recently completed her journey to become a Transformational Trainer, and is excited about the possibilities that await.  She is on a path to link the work of transformation and traditional classroom education by training and empowering educators.  Her goal is to support teachers in finding their voice and power and creating pride in education so that these powerful influencers can then take the the skills and tools of transformation — together with their own passion, leadership, love, and courage — back to their students.

In addition to Spectrum, Kristen is the founder and president of Simply Novel, an educational publishing company specializing in English Language Arts curriculum for Grades 3-12.

Daniel Paraszkay – Trainer and COO 

Daniel Paraszkay is a Transformational Trainer, a partner and one of the founders of Spectrum Life Design HQ, LLC, and the Chief Operations Officer for Spectrum Life Design Education Los Angeles.

From the age of 18 years old when Daniel took his first course in transformation, his life has been an adventure of discovery and fulfillment in the work of transformation. He graduated from the renowned Trainer Forum and Trainer Internship program under the direction and guidance of highly-esteemed trainers Bettie Spruill and Dr. Ray Blanchard, who he has worked with and been mentored by for over 30 years. 

Daniel is one of the lead trainers for Spectrum Life Design, conducting trainings for both the Los Angeles and Las Vegas centers.  He has also traveled the globe, leading Advanced-level trainings in China.  Daniel’s passion and commitment is for people to reconnect with their authentic selves, living a free and fully-expressed life, and for people to truly “get” that they matter.

Dr. Ray Blanchard – Master Trainer 

Internationally renowned Master Trainer Dr. Ray Blanchard is a seminar designer, corporate consultant, founder of Blanchard Consulting Services, LLC, a partner and one of the founders of Spectrum Life Design HQ, LLC, and owner of the Super Seminar Series. Dr. Blanchard co-founded Transformational Media Group, and he is Co-Executive Producer of the movie The Answer To Absolutely Everything and the upcoming documentary movie Consider This.

For the last 40 years, Dr. Blanchard has traveled the world learning and leading consciousness seminars and teaching transformational thinking. Dr. Blanchard brings a wide range of rich life experiences to create a unique blend of knowledge and skill, enhanced by years of experience traveling the world as a trainer and consultant.

Dr. Ray is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, the Association of Transformational Leaders, and the American Counseling Association. He was educated at Washington University in St. Louis and received a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon. His education was focused in Business Administration, East-West Philosophy, and Counseling Psychology.

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